Da wir Teilnehmer suchen, die Englisch sprechen, ist die Ausschreibung unten auf Englisch. Ihr könnt euch aber auch auf Deutsch bewerben. Mehr dazu unten.

You have some free time from July 15 to September 1st? You live in Saxony-Anhalt and you are between 18 and 26 years old? Then apply to us by June 27 as a YOUMOBIL Scout and discover not only Saxony-Anhalt, but also the partner regions of the project in Poland: Mazovia Region, in Italy: Modena Region, in Croatia: Dugo Selo Region, in Slovakia: Bresno Region and in the Czech Republic: South Moravia Region!

How does it work?

First you apply to us through the application form (below). If you can, answer the questions in English to show us that you can communicate internationally with the other participants. However, we will of course also consider applications in German.

We will then contact you after the selection with an acceptance or rejection. The fee of 500€ will be paid on the basis of a fee contract in two installments, the first half after your first post about your travel plans, the second half (if the minimum requirements are met) after the end of your trip.

What's the deal with the posts?

During your journey, it's about completing certain tasks. The basic idea behind these tasks: discover something new and develop activities there, especially in rural areas, use public transport and test digital tools for travel / mobility / public transport.

At least 5 social media posts related to YOUMOBIL, e.g. to the pilot activities within the YOUMOBIL project. Information about YOUMOBIL, especially about the pilot projects, can be found on the YOUMOBIL Website. Many more hints will be given at the kick-off video meeting for the selected participants from all regions on July 15, 3pm.

In the first post at the beginning of the trip, you should present your travel plans, e.g. with a map presentation. For the last post you should do something special. This can be a short video presentation, a podcast, a picture collage, a presentation, etc. Another task is still being coordinated between the partner regions. Presumably, it is about using a means of travel that is as unusual as possible and reporting on it, e.g. a trolley ride.

During the trip you should fulfill at least two of the following tasks:

  1. at least half of the partner regions should be covered through an activity (so simply mentioning the region is not enough). However, it can be a joint activity with other YOUMOBIL Scout participants who are in the respective partner region. Especially if Corona is opposed to a trip to the partner regions, the region does not have to be physically visited.
  2. visit Weißenfels by train and explore the region by bike or boat. Write down what you liked there or what you would have liked to find in the Weißenfels station building (e.g. a hostel, stores, leisure facilities, ...).
  3. a bike tour or hike along the Green Belt (with at least one section in Saxony-Anhalt; travel by public transport, preferably with the Rufbus and booking via the INSA YOUNG app.
  4. find a place you've never been to, maybe never heard of until recently, and relate it to your interests (e.g.: your favorite writer lived here). Travel by public transit, preferably using the call bus and booking through the INSA YOUNG app.

Please use the following tags for your posts so that they can be more easily attributed to the campaign:
On Instagram: #youmobilproject or @youmobilproject
On Facebook: @interregyoumobil
On Twitter: @IYoumobil

What else is important?

At the beginning and end of the YOUMOBIL SCOUT campaign, you should be present at a meeting with the other participants from Saxony-Anhalt; there will also be an online meeting with all partners and participants, probably on July 15 at 3 pm
In addition, you are expected to fill out a short final report after the trip (the questionnaire for this will be provided).

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Your personal information will be used by GoEurope and the Ministry of Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt exclusively for the YOUMOBIL SCOUT campaign and will not be shared with third parties outside the YOUMOBIL project; the provisions of the DSGVO apply.

Deine persönlichen Angaben werden von GoEurope und dem Ministerium für Landesentwicklung und Verkehr Sachsen-Anhalt ausschließlich für die YOUMOBIL SCOUT Kampagne verwendet und nicht an Dritte außerhalb des YOUMOBIL-Projekts weitergegeben; es gelten die Bestimmungen der DSGVO.